Thursday, May 17, 2012

Growing An Idea
If we wait for the perfect moment we cause ourselves to metaphorically hold our breath while waiting for the right moment.  How smart is that? No one wants to faint, then wake to find they miss their moment....... loosely translated from a quote by the Buddha

In "my second act" phase of my life, I seem to be experimenting with my creative, inventive, entrepreneurial nature of my personality.  I have been looking for an opportunity to grow with an idea.
I admire women in this world economy that stride forward boldly with a new idea.  Fast forward.........

How do you make the leap from making art, to starting a direct sales business?  Let me explain:  I love making art, and being in my studio, but I also love the marketing aspect of direct sales.  I see it as analogous: creativity and the correlation between self-direction in the studio (nobody's gonna make this art for you...) and the independent sales representative (nobody's going to make the sale for you).  Each path, in their own way, holds the primary commitment of working independently as necessary to achieve one's goals.  Artist and Sales person, betcha never thought you'd see those in the same sentence.....

So, Gigi Hill Bags has been a wonderful new direction for me.  (Let me preface) I tend to be the type of creative personality that could stay in her studio working, without interaction with others.... a kind of recluse.  So, joining Gigi Hill Bags as a direct sales professional may not seem a stretch to many, but for this introvert, it certainly seems like I am over my skis.  In essence I am saying 'yes' to one of the most challenging businesses anyone could get into - simply because it is so easy to enjoy, AND hard at the same time....
There's a phrase we use in direct marketing: "Failing Forward to Success".  (I'm just sure The Buddha was the first Direct Sales King) There are 7 ways to Fail Forward.  To begin with, there are a lot of "no's" in our business, so that means we are challenged daily to work smarter. I'm not saying this is completely convincing, but evidence shows that Direct Sales is known as one of the only areas of business that is recession proof  So who know's what the future holds.  Our only sense of certainty we can experience in life is the results of our own efforts (yes, another loose trans. from Buddha).  So if you don't get out of the studio, break your routine, or think out of the bag, you won't know you've found your moment, until it's too late.  What the heck....  Are you still holding your breath?


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