Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Results of My Own Efforts
Day 1, spent morning setting up cell phone to send pics to my blog.  Not so successful.  Tried to get out and exercise, it rained.  Started this post, and accidentally deleted it.  (3 times!!!)
Tried to connect with students at LHS to learn about their lockdown.... I am 5 hours late, and they are sooooo over that!
Tweeted my nephew a musician/vocalist of the Portland Timbre a men's A Capella Group, (ok, that's a plug, weak, out of context,..but still..) www.facebook.com/thepdxtimbre -- to be sure he was safe in the neighborhood where he works. Many tweets out there showing skirmishes with "Occupy" groups and cops in the SW 5th & Stark area.  Heard other areas in Portland have reported groups gathering.  Will we learn of peaceful protests?  

Did anyone get anything accomplished, pick up their child, go into work?

Twitter@oregonian.com posts photos of protesters, crowds, police, and bikes (it's Portland).

Who said:  "The only sense of certainty we can experience in life is the results of our own efforts.
How was your May Day?  Anyone?
....now let's see if I can post this without deleting it.....

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