Friday, May 11, 2012

1908 Chicago vs. Detroit Pennant Race
A sidebar:
Before I get to carried away in Lyme Regis with my maternal grandfather's family...Here's another weird twist to my family story:
Kid Durban was married to my maternal grandmother's mother, as her 2nd husband.  Baseball is somewhere deep in my family history.  Blaine Alphonsus Durbin, aka: Kid, was a pitcher & fielder for the Chicago Cubs during the 1908 pennant win against the Detroit Tigers.
Family lore shares a description of a Pennant Pin with the face of a bear cub holding a diamond in it's mouth as a team trophy - or individual keepsake from the victory.  Similar to a victory ring?  I do recall seeing a diamond of my mother's that had a story behind it.  But back then, I am a young girl, so long ago.  And I thought I recalled seeing the golden bear cub too......

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