Saturday, May 12, 2012

In a Holding Pattern
What if you found out you had a twin?  After many many years of never knowing, never even considering it?
What would that feel like when you first learned the news?
How would you react?
Visiting my mother for Mother's Day will have many shades of emotions.  I will feel fortunate the first few hours that I have her all to myself.  Well, I mean to say, without the interactions of my sisters........
My youngest son and I will be with her and my father in the morning......
I intend to enjoy the time, and to find out more names and more dates of importance in my Family Tree search.
More tidbits from my maternal grandfather's life:  While living in San Carlos, CA., he had a women's sportwear manufacturing business:  Patsy Ann Sportwear.  His competitors were Pendleton, Jantzen, .............
My mother will have more memories tomorrow.

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